An ‘avalanche of bankruptcies’? It may be the solution of choice in time.

Ross Maguire a barrister was quoted in the Sunday Independent stating that  “There is going to be an avalanche of people applying for bankruptcy through the courts. We have had hundreds and hundreds of people contacting us in the past few weeks inquiring about the new legislation” (via the advocacy group New Beginning).

“We are seeing an explosion of interest in bankruptcy. Each week we give seminars at which hundreds of people show up.

This is depressing news in one respect, but positive in when viewed as people considering a total financial reboot which will bring with it debt forgiveness. For too long people have tried to deal with and negotiate with banks that didn’t want to negotiate with their clients. Bankruptcy will fundamentally change this and change the dynamic.

For our part we hope to be part of that change, our bankruptcy service is designed to give people value for money while helping them make a difficult choice but not one that is tied to bankruptcy, rather one that will help them make the right choice – and that …

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Bankruptcy Advice, a host of experts to help you make the best decision on dealing with debt

The rise of the debt advisor is an unfortunate if necessary one, with that in mind we have started a new service here at There are several PIP’s (Personal Insolvency Practitioners) and people with debt mediation experience involved as well as accountants and solicitors.

The tricky thing with debt is that it tends to be multi-disciplinary, there is no one skill that covers everything. The other issue is that the newly enacted personal insolvency regime is not likely to help everybody that requires it because by it’s very nature you have to get to a position of solvency and that isn’t always possible.

That’s where bankruptcy comes in.

Bankruptcy is a word with a reputation the belies it’s nature, it’s a total re-boot and by it’s nature involves debt forgiveness. Yes, there is substantial difficulty that goes with it, but there is substantial difficulty without it and our aim is to help you decide if it is what you need, and if so to ensure you are able to go bankrupt with the minimum stress, hassle and to do …

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