mentioned in the Irish Independent

The Irish Independent ran an article today on bankruptcy and mentioned in it. It focused on the fees that are being charged and how the promoters of New Beginning felt that they were offering value for the level of professional service they offer.

We agree that they are professionals and well equipped for this type of work, as for the costs, they aren’t in the same market at all times as our firm, we have a DIY bankruptcy option they are not offering, with them you only get a full service option.

They are however, regulated for debt advice whereas some competitors are not and some may do work cheaper or more expensive and not offer the same services so it’s difficult to make proper comparisons and for that reason you need to know what you are getting and paying for.

Being regulated by the Law Society (for solicitors), the Bar council (barristers) and the Central Bank (financial advisors) or ACCA (for accountants) means you can’t possiblty work as …

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Sunday Times covers bankruptcy and mentions us 19th January 2014

We were pleased to see one of Ireland’s best known personal finance journalists Jill Kerby cover bankruptcy and mention our firm in the process.

Jill has long been an advocate of proactive solutions to debt and we think that our view on how bankruptcy and why it’s an important tool for debtors resonated with that outlook. Click on the article below to see the image in full scale.


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An ‘avalanche of bankruptcies’? It may be the solution of choice in time.

Ross Maguire a barrister was quoted in the Sunday Independent stating that  “There is going to be an avalanche of people applying for bankruptcy through the courts. We have had hundreds and hundreds of people contacting us in the past few weeks inquiring about the new legislation” (via the advocacy group New Beginning).

“We are seeing an explosion of interest in bankruptcy. Each week we give seminars at which hundreds of people show up.

This is depressing news in one respect, but positive in when viewed as people considering a total financial reboot which will bring with it debt forgiveness. For too long people have tried to deal with and negotiate with banks that didn’t want to negotiate with their clients. Bankruptcy will fundamentally change this and change the dynamic.

For our part we hope to be part of that change, our bankruptcy service is designed to give people value for money while helping them make a difficult choice but not one that is tied to bankruptcy, rather one that will help them make the right choice – and that …

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