Open consultation for bankruptcy rule changes

The Oireachtas Justice Committee is having an open consultation for people who want to give their view on changing the bankruptcy rules so that a person is discharged after 1 year rather than the present standard of 3 years.

The page with the details can be found here, it closes on the 19th of June.

Our view is that 1yr would be of benefit to the people involved and give some extra creditor compulsion to dealing with debtors. On the other hand, there may be concerns about creditor lead petitions as well as ‘payment orders’ that could still go well beyond the one year term.

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RTE Radio 1: Today show, Keelin Shanley discusses bankruptcy

One of the people we helped spoke to Keelin Shanley on the Today Show on RTE radio 1. In this clip you’ll hear her speaking to Rory about what lead him to use bankruptcy as a solution and his expectations for the future.

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Irish Times cover the story of a person going for bankruptcy and mention

The Irish Times did a story on a person looking to go for bankruptcy and mentioned us in the article.

Conor Pope did a great job of outlining the issues in general and in particular to Rory, but this line sums it “He owes €60,000 to half a dozen lenders including banks, credit unions and credit card companies – an absolute pittance in the scheme of things – but a debt of sufficient size to give him countless sleepless nights“.

While we can’t assure people don’t lose any more sleep, we can help them find a route to finality of the problem and that, rather than superfluous statements about social rights and wrongs is really what this all boils down to.

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DIY Bankruptcy

We have two routes to help you with your bankruptcy, the first is one which has our professional team heavily involved with you throughout the process, but we also have a DIY option which offers a low cost way of doing this.

DIY Bankruptcy ( gives you a face to face meeting with a professional advisor and support to help you get through the process on your own, this is supplemented with videos which will bring you through everything you need to do.

We think that a really low cost choice which still gives you face time with professional advisors and a road map through to the destination will be a popular option for people who want the freedom and finality that bankruptcy offers without the cost you might expect to go with it.

To find out more you can call us or send in a query.

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Bankruptcy Advice, a host of experts to help you make the best decision on dealing with debt

The rise of the debt advisor is an unfortunate if necessary one, with that in mind we have started a new service here at There are several PIP’s (Personal Insolvency Practitioners) and people with debt mediation experience involved as well as accountants and solicitors.

The tricky thing with debt is that it tends to be multi-disciplinary, there is no one skill that covers everything. The other issue is that the newly enacted personal insolvency regime is not likely to help everybody that requires it because by it’s very nature you have to get to a position of solvency and that isn’t always possible.

That’s where bankruptcy comes in.

Bankruptcy is a word with a reputation the belies it’s nature, it’s a total re-boot and by it’s nature involves debt forgiveness. Yes, there is substantial difficulty that goes with it, but there is substantial difficulty without it and our aim is to help you decide if it is what you need, and if so to ensure you are able to go bankrupt with the minimum stress, hassle and to do …

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