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bankruptcyadvice covered in the Irish Sun

PEOPLE struggling with massive debt have been told they can eradicate it through their own DIY bankruptcy. More than 1,200 people have sought help since Irish law was changed last month, with thousands more expected to go down that road this year.

But despite the numbers already signing up, the Government has just announced plans to overhaul the new personal insolvency regime to make it easier and cheaper.

The Irish Sun’s Mr Money Karl Deeter is part of a group who have set up the perfect tool for anyone seeking bankruptcy. He said: “There is often a protracted process when it comes to applying for bankruptcy but that doesn’t have to be the case. We predict in the course of the next year thousands of people will want to avail of the new legislation.

“Through DIY bankruptcy we can provide all the help and support a person needs. “Bankruptcy is non-negotiable so once you apply it’s granted. Once you prove you’re insolvent there is no one there to object to that fact.

“We have a full complement of personal insolvency practitioners at and you can be declared bankrupt in no time. “It’s faster and easier and has all the personal insolvency practitioners in one place.”

The new legislation means that a person can now be discharged from bankruptcy after three years, reduced from 12. But there has been some criticism of the Government because the new regime is seen as too costly and complicated.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter said a new protocol will be devised to streamline the insolvency process for people trying to work out deals with banks and other creditors. Q ANYONE needing DIY bankruptcy should visit

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  1. i have debts totaling 38,000euro. car loan, personal loans, visa.
    i am penniless and homeless. i am with MABS, who advised PIPS, i contacted 5 who told me to declare Bankruptcy.i have a court order which declares i cannot live in family home, i can not make my wife sell it. my worry is if i go Bankrupt on my death can my wife and children be SUED for my DEBTS.

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