Is ‘free’ better or does it just cost less?

Normally when somebody is good at something they don’t do it for free, that isn’t to say they never offer their talents for free at times, or at their own discretion, but not all the time.

There are plenty of ‘free solutions’ for people in many areas, we have free hospitals and yet half the population pay for health insurance. There is free debt help through long running organisations like MABS and yet people still opt to come to private operators to get the solutions they need.

And that is why we made a decision from the outset to focus on a low cost rather than an unsustainable ‘free’ model. We value our time and the years we spent becoming experts and in turn we sell those talents at the lowest price we can in order to help the maximum number of clients possible.

On that basis we have a large team, people with huge levels of experience, and a commitment to respond to you quicker than other people will so that this is as easy a process as it can be. If you want to talk just call the number at the top of the page, an easily found phone number with a person on the other end is something many of our competitors dont’ actually have.

There are lots of things in life that come for free, although it’s funny how when people want the best they tend not to opt for whatever the free choice is.

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