Can you get bankruptcy representation ‘for free’

This is something we are hearing about more often in the media, that some organisations are doing this ‘for free’ for their clients. We are highly skeptical of this message as in the first instance there is no ‘free’ bankruptcy process in Ireland.

There are certain expenses which will have to be paid irrespective of what advice you get, payments to the Official Assignee and other application fees that are set costs laid down by the various branches of the state such as the Examiners Office.

Then you have professional services such as solicitors, barristers, accountants, financial advisors and potentially others. That they would all work ‘for free’ is true in some instances, most of us in industry do a certain amount of pro-bono work, but it isn’t a business model without funding, meaning it can’t be broadlyl offered.

Some representation groups have said in the past that they work for free but time and again what we have seen is that the do charge, they may say they only charge in some cases, but after a while there are more and more examples of the service not being free, and for all intents and purposes it is a commercial operation just like any other.

This creates a working drag, when too many cases are ‘for free’ the ones that don’t represent a profit opportunity get passed over faster and additional people find themselves paying when they thought they wouldn’t be.

We don’t bother with that, it’s unfair marketing and we’ll be upfront from the start, we don’t work for free, we aren’t funded by the Government and if we didn’t charge a fee we wouldn’t be able to help people. Our fee is reasonable, we offer good value for money and no hidden costs, we won’t be saying something is free then turn around and recoup the money by some other means elsewhere.

This is how to ethically offer professional services in our opinion, we’d be happy to discuss this and any concern you may have with us, you can call, email or write, we are always happy to talk.

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