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We specialise in bankruptcy, insolvency, and informal creditor agreements. This team is made up of some of Ireland's best known practitioners.

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  • Bankruptcy is a complete reboot of your finances

  • Anthony Joyce, Solicitor & PIP

  • Seamus Carrick ACCA, QFA & PIP

  • Karl Deeter is a Qualified Financial Advisor, he holds a mortgage diploma, a certificate in Compliance from UCD and a diploma in accountancy and business from the ACCA

What We Do

  • Bankruptcy


    This may be the answer you were looking for to remedy your debt problems. The worst thing about bankruptcy is probably the name, and the popular (and wrong) belief that you may lose your family home. The truth is different, your family home is not automatically sacrificed if you go bankrupt.
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  • Personal Insolvency

    Personal Insolvency

    Personal insolvency is like examinership for individuals. Where you find that you can't pay all of your debts but that with some restructuring that you may be able to do so, a personal insolvency arrangement can the answer you were looking for.

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  • Informal Agreements

    Informal Agreements

    The Central Bank now regulates 'debt advisors' who are people that make debt solutions which are neither bankruptcy or in the personal insolvency space. Informal agreements made directly with banks are a very popular choice and often have good outcomes when financial institutions engage in the process.
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  • UK Bankruptcy

    UK Bankruptcy

    While Ireland now has more modern and improved bankruptcy, the UK is still the 'gold standard' when it comes to bankruptcy. To petition for bankruptcy in the UK you must first establish a 'centre of main interests' in the UK.

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